Cosmetic Surgery 'r' Us

Cosmetic Surgery ‘r’ Us (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Photo of Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Cos...

English: Photo of Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery Cosmetic Surgery Procedure being Performed by Facial Plastic Surgeon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The beautiful smiles of the friendly people”

The gorgeous beaches; year round sunshine; bejeweled, shining temples; elephants; turquoise warm waters; white sparkling sands; charming Eastern décor of wood and silks; serene spas offering massages with essential oils, and the relaxed way of life. Add to this list Thailand affordable cosmetic surgery in Bangkok, not to mention the coastal areas and islands of the country. This ultimate holiday destination and cosmetic medical tourism hub is all about travel, beauty, rejuvenation and a tropical experience. The icing on the cake is that the price for such an all encompassing package is often so much less than it would be in much of Europe and the West, including the UK.

Why Thailand And VASER Hi-Def Liposuction Give You A Dream Body And Vacation

In Thailand, affordable Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok is a growing attraction as modern, spend-savvy types recognize that combining a trip of a lifetime with a beauty makeover makes sense in every respect. Paying less means some, or your entire price saving can be spent on the beauty holiday itself. What is important to understand is that the lower prices for Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand do not mean cutting corners when it comes to choosing an accredited hospital or aesthetic center. Many of the doctors and surgeons working in these top-rated specializations have studied, if not worked, in the USA and other developed countries abroad, and although Thailand might be renowned for its Eastern tradition and culture, it is thoroughly modern when it comes to offering the latest treatments, medical advancements and up-to-date equipment through its private hospitals and clinics.

Once you have arrived in Thailand for affordable Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok you will find that the post-surgery private recovery rooms you are offered are more like hotel suites, and that despite being far from home, you are far from being the first person from abroad to come to the city and beyond for such treatments. Facelifts, Laser Treatments, Body Sculpting and Tummy Tucks bring people from all over the world into Thailand and most good hospitals look after medical tourists from abroad with dedicated services not just in language but in understanding your needs and where you are coming from in what you expect from such a trip.

What would you give to look at least 10 years younger?

Beyond your post-surgery room, which might be more akin to a high-star hotel, you then have the opportunity to not just take advantage of affordable Cosmetic Surgery in Bangkok but rest, recuperate and rejuvenate with day trips into the countryside of Thailand, such as to nearby Ayutthaya with its sleepy temple sites, or to the cleansing waterfalls of Kanchanaburi, as well as the beautiful beaches along the coast or on the islands. Sea air and soft sand, where you can feel the sun on your skin and a gentle breeze as you relax on a lounger next to aqua-clear waters is an holistic approach to feeling at your best and mentally and physically allowing yourself some time to really take advantage of being able to rest your whole being. This means that when you go home and get back into the routine of your life, you have not just a different look, but a relaxed outlook from your holiday in Thailand too.

World Leader in Hair Transplant with Urban Beauty Thailand

Urban Beauty Thailand is a bespoke One-Stop Travel and Beauty Solution. With an in-depth knowledge of medical tourism in Thailand and strong affiliations with the top, accredited hospitals and treatment centers, we offer you a personalized service by arranging the best medical tourism package for you, from your flights, to whichever Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty Treatments or Dental Treatments are right for you, at the right treatment center, whether in Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, or Pattaya. We also arrange excursions and holiday activities during your stay.

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